Darren Ball. David.

Darren Ball. David.

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W: 48cm (18.9")H: 58cm (22.8")

£2,500.00 Framed Approx $3113.33, €2917.15, £2500

David – (after John Saint-Helier Lander 1925)       £2,500

I first came across this portrait many years ago whilst researching the history of knitting for my degree. I particularly liked it as it is unusual to find knitting recorded so prominently in painting. The figure is the Prince of Wales, David to his family. Both he and his sister Princess Mary were given sweaters in the 1920s by the Fair Isle knitters to popularise their distinctive knitting. The dapper David wore his whilst playing golf.

[Framed 48x58cm]  A unique freehand machine embroidery with applique and hand knit.

48 x 58 cm.