Frances Featherstone. Alchemy

Frances Featherstone. Alchemy

Code: 11380


W: 76cm (29.9")H: 102cm (40.2")



102 by 76cm,

Oils on Canvas.





My paintings explore how our identity is shaped by the spaces we occupy. I question our perception of the reality surrounding us by juxtaposing traditional imagery with the unexpected. 

I am drawn to powerful images, such as vast skies, which powerfully draw our attention and emanate natural forces. Their depth and power reflects our romantic passions, elevating and diminishing us, helping me to explore the narrative and symbolism of our place in this infinite vastness.  

Where figures occupy spaces in my paintings, I seek to explore their relationship to their surroundings. I am fascinated by whether humanity belongs in its environment or is a stranger to it.  Whether humanity is the centre of the world, the only meaning that exists, or playing out an insignificant and meaningless play against the backdrop of a dramatic and infinite emptiness all around.