Laura Cramer

Artist Statement – Laura Cramer – Autumn 2023

I spent an idyllic childhood living by the sea, scratching out giant pictures in the sand and gazing into rockpools.  It offered a reality far more pleasing than anything I could find in conventional life.  I became a daydreamer, influenced by beautiful landscape all around. Memories of tall grasses, seed heads, bracken and birdsong became part of that inner world.  Despite now living in an urban setting, I seek out nearby landscapes in which to daydream. Working in layers, I begin a painting with childlike spontaneity, allowing bright colours to dominate. With little care for outcome at this stage.  Scratching back into wet paint feels like being back on that beach with stick in hand exploring what lies below the surface of the sand, hopeful of revealing a little bit of magic. Gestural marks feel comforting to make as I allow a painting to evolve and rest for several days before working on the next layers. Abbreviated versions of remembered landscapes dear to me start to appear, whether it’s the silhouette of seedheads in a hedgerow or garden, the pattern made by a clump of grasses in autumn or the fast-flowing ripples on an estuary tide. Dots, dashes, gouges. Patterns. And in enjoying these characteristics, I then try to find a further shorthand for them, carving up a canvas into minimal elements of colour, line and careful placing of lights and darks. Working with large brushes laden with paint, allows me to move across the canvas in bold sweeps that are either kept or lost in the subsequent layer. The element of ‘chance’ makes this process exciting and scary, as I search for a type of order amongst the chaos until a painting feels finished and I stop.  This process feels like a metaphor for life. The older I get, the more comfortable I feel with the uncertainty of outcome, focusing more on enjoying the process.


Laura Cramer Autumn 2023

Laura Cramer. Salmon Run.

Code: 12348

Laura Cramer.  Salmon Run.
£3,500.00 Grey Tray Frame. Approx $4331.68, €4065.04, £3500

Laura Cramer. Harbour at the Golden Hour

Code: 12347

Laura Cramer. Harbour at the Golden Hour
£2,250.00 Grey Tray Frame Approx $2784.65, €2613.24, £2250

Laura Cramer. Starboard Home.

Code: 12346

Laura Cramer.  Starboard Home.
£500.00 grey Tray Frame. Approx $618.81, €580.72, £500

Laura Cramer. Birling Gap.

Code: 12343

Laura Cramer.  Birling Gap.
Grey Tray Frame.

Laura Cramer. 'The Orange Thistle'.

Code: 12318

Laura Cramer.  'The Orange Thistle'.
£950.00 Grey Tray Frame. Approx $1175.74, €1103.37, £950

Laura Cramer. 'Estuary at first light'.

Code: 12317

Laura Cramer.  'Estuary at first light'.
£950.00 Grey Tray Frame. Approx $1175.74, €1103.37, £950

Laura Cramer. Autumn river 1.

Code: 12315

Laura Cramer.  Autumn river 1.
£950.00 Approx $1175.74, €1103.37, £950

Laura Cramer. Distant Trees.

Code: 12345

Laura Cramer.  Distant Trees.

Laura Cramer. River Sunset

Code: 12344

Laura Cramer.  River Sunset

Laura Cramer. Autumn River II

Code: 12316

Laura Cramer.  Autumn River II