Is he the one?

Is he the one?

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W: 46cm (18.1")H: 38cm (15")

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'Is he the one?'

Oils on Canvas.

38 x 46 cms



Liz Pressly studied Fine Art under Lionel Bulmer at Kingston Art School, exhibiting early works at the ‘Young Contemporaries’ Exhibition in London, where her work was bought by the Arts Council and shown at their 1960’s ‘Recent Acquisitions’ show at the Tate.

Leaving England for adventures on the high seas, Liz sailed round the world in her twenties, circumnavigating the world on a sailing yacht.

The colour and intimacy in the Post-Impressionistic paintings of Vuillard and Bonnard have been an inspiration.

‘…but my major interest has always been in figurative work – strange people and whimsical situations’’.