Simon Desmond

Simon Desmond

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W: 70cm (27.6")H: 102cm (40.2")

£850.00 Approx $1058.53, €991.83, £850

'Abstract 1'

Oils and Pigment on Elephant Paper.

110 x 75 cms.



Simon has painted throughout his life and started exhibiting formally in 1998. Over the past few years he has moved into abstraction, continuing with his use of dramatic texture and colour.

‘Abstraction has been a great release for me and is a very pure form of expression devoid of recognisable images that allows the viewer to engage fully with the pictorial space. Although the American expressionists like Rothko and Pollock were important in influencing me it was the smaller scale works by European  painters such as Feiler and de Stael,  that look at our land and seascape that gave me the real drive into moving away from representational work and concentrating instead on form and colour.’

Simon’s smaller works are predominantly oil on paper which gives a very different intensity than oil on canvas. Oil colour dries very quickly on the absorbent surface of the paper allowing layers of colour to be built up in a short period of time and in Simon’s view preserves the momentum and energy   in creating the pictures.