Venetia Nevill - Release - Mounted only.

Venetia Nevill - Release - Mounted only.

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W: 100cm (39.4")H: 80cm (31.5")

£600.00 Approx $742.57, €696.86, £600


Signed and Numbered 1/25

Mounted only.



Venetia Nevill is drawn to multi-sensory and experiential work to express a connection with the world, as perceived in an intuitive rather than a literal way. Through sound, sculpture, film, painting and performance, she seeks to capture the underlying elements and rhythms of life.

Her work is grounded in a heuristic interpretation of the world. Ideas are developed through play, collaboration and engaging totally with the senses. She is inspired by the rhythms of nature with its cycles of life, death and renewal. Often relating to the shamanic medicine wheel, which remind us of the ancient rituals used to honour the self, through a connection with nature.