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Alexander James

£2,200.00 Approx $2777.78, €2570.09, £2200

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W: 25cm (9.8")H: 19cm (7.5")

‘Innocent Soul’
Velvet Framed.  
Signed and numbered. 25 x 19 cms.  


My photographs are always presented ‘as-shot’ with no post production either traditional or digital; seeing the process as cathartic rather than a critical one, and it is this dedication to ‘in camera’ purity that establishes a predominant focal point for my practice.
I aim to be a genuine exemplar of authentic artistic expression, untrained, unsullied by achedemicism, searching for my own powerful and uncorrupted vision. Now working as a mid-career artist, distilling elements out of my images with the strong use of deep blacks; hoping to convey rich layers of meaning in what at first appear deceptively simple images. Attempting to present the beguiling beauty of our everyday confinements; images whose essence is derived from the ordinary, displaced and the overlooked.