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Tania Rutland - Selvedge Edge

£480.00 Approx $607.59, €560.75, £480

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W: 24cm (9.4")H: 24cm (9.4")

'Selvedge Edge'.

24 x 24 cms.



*The prints are the intaglio process of etching, this basically means a metal plate (zinc) is placed in a tray of acid solution that bites the plate. The bitten areas of the plate is where the ink is held when the plate is inked up with a particular type of etching ink.

Once this is done paper is placed over the plate, it is run through the etching press. The intaglio process of pushing the dampened paper into the etched areas which hold the ink is then transferred to the paper.

I use several techniques in the making of the images on the metal plate; One of which is 'spit biting' - this involves brushing the acid directly onto the plate, it gives a painterly quality to the image.

I only ever do a limited edition of 15 prints per image.*