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Frances Featherstone. 'The Stuff Dreams are made of'.

£4,250.00 Handmade Frame Approx $5292.65, €4959.16, £4250

Code: 12423

'The Stuff Dreams are made of''

Oils on Canvas.

90 x 80 cm

Frameed.  £3850.  

A bird’s eye view of a folded patchwork landscape filled with an intense saturation of colour and patterns. I populated the painting with a mix of Persian tiles, Chinese & Indian cushions, and a Nordic jumper which fill the canvas with patterns and deep gorgeous colours. It feels like these will come alive and re-emerge in the sleeper’s dreams. I also enjoyed the extra narrative of the doll on the bed, of ‘The Woman Who Swallowed A Fly,’ which with its patterned dress added a fairytale feel to this piece. The doll came from Cambodia from a women's refugee cooperative.